What is PaySecure?
PaySecure is a payment service that allows you to use your debit card with your PIN to pay for online purchases.

How does PaySecure work?
When you enter your debit card number at checkout, PaySecure detects whether your card can be used with a PIN. If it can, our graphical PIN-pad appears on the checkout page. You have the opportunity to enter your PIN on the PIN-pad by clicking Continue. If you do not wish to enter your PIN, you can click Cancel and the transaction will be processed as a "signature" debit card transaction. Enter each digit of your PIN on the PIN-pad and click Submit PIN. Your transaction is processed and you are returned to the payment confirmation page.

I can use my debit card online now so why is PaySecure different?
When you pay with your debit card in a physical store, you swipe your card at the terminal. You are given two options to pay with your debit card: you can sign a receipt ("signature" debit) or you can enter your PIN, which does not require signing a receipt.

On the Internet, you can use your debit card now as "signature" debit, even though no signature is obtained for the purchase. PaySecure is the first company in the U.S. to offer the option of PIN debit on the Internet with a software-only service.

Without the PIN, your identity is not authenticated, which can lead to unauthorized use of debit cards on the Internet. A PIN secures your debit card transaction and authenticates that you are making the purchase, since only you know your PIN.

Will I need to apply for a new card or PIN or enroll in a service to use PaySecure?
No, you only need your existing debit card and PIN. There is no enrollment to use PaySecure. There is no redirection to another website for payment. There are no downloads. There are no fees.

What if I can't remember my PIN or I enter the wrong PIN
If you can't remember your PIN, you can still use your debit card to pay for your purchase. Simply hit Cancel on the PIN-pad and your purchase will be processed as "signature" debit.

How will I know if I can use PaySecure?
If your bank participates with PaySecure and your debit card can be used with a PIN, the PaySecure graphical PIN-pad will appear at the checkout for PIN entry. If you have not received notification that your bank participates with PaySecure, contact your bank.

Is PaySecure secure?
Each time you use PaySecure, our service encrypts your PIN in a PIN Block so that it never travels across payment channels as your actual, numerical PIN. Your PIN is transmitted directly to Acculynk and is never seen by your online merchant. Additionally, PaySecure requires PIN entry by mouse; your PIN cannot be entered by typing the numbers on your keyboard. This security feature is designed to prevent keylogging of your PIN.

What are the benefits of using PaySecure?
PaySecure is a preferred payment method because it is convenient, secure and easy to use. No one knows your PIN but you and this proves that it is you using your debit card. Your PIN provides an extra layer of security for your transaction. And our service allows you to use a card you already have and a PIN that only you know. You don't need to sign up with another service provider or be redirected to another website for payment. Everything happens right at the merchant checkout.

Additionally, PIN debit is a great budgeting tool, since transactions are deducted from your checking account in near real-time. By using PaySecure, you can save money on high credit card APRs and fees associated with using some alternative payment methods.

PaySecure is a convenient, secure and easy way to pay with PIN debit on the Internet. When you use your debit card at participating online merchants, the PaySecure graphical PIN-pad will appear at checkout for the secure entry of your PIN. Enter your PIN using your mouse and your transaction is processed. It’s that simple!